Membership Package.

Enrolments are only accepted between 1st September and 31st May each season for a one-off fixed fee of £30, plus a postage contribution upon acceptance.

You will receive :-

(1) Return of your record of visits draft list and a membership registration letter,

(2) A Membership card in a plastic holder showing name, date and location of 92nd visit,

(3) An unframed Certificate showing name, address, date and location of the 92nd visit, together with space to record visits to "new" League grounds,

(4) Enamel pin lapel badge, design as logo on home page, 3/4" diameter chrome finish,

(5) Tie, design as logo, single woven white motif on green silk OR 46" x 5+1/2" taffeta-lined scarf, multiple logos for an extra £1.00 charge.

Due to a change in Data Protection legislation, no further complete list of current membersiers will be issued.

Thereafter, your achievement will be recorded on our computer.

A list of clubs and grounds for the current season can be obtained here.

Details of merchandise available to members is available here.

Enrolment is usually completed within 3 weeks of receipt of monies and completed Club documents.

Details of grounds used by League clubs since the end of World War 2 are available here.

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